Constant attempts of capturing the blissful yet transient moments in life

So enchanting are the abilities photography has in capturing the rich nature of humanity and all aspects of history including this era of our own, I was deeply fascinated by photography when first discovered its magic in my childhood. 
Profoundly, I believe that moments and souls not only can be captured, but also forever be relived with its beauty intensified in our memory. 


Being an investment banker turned photographer, I appreciate your trust and would always work with consistent efficiency and professional integrity. It would be my honour and pleasure to turn the shots of your dream into reality. 

Currently based in central Italy, I have education backgrounds in London and Brussels, whilst having years of professional working experience in Singapore and Hong Kong, and deep roots in Taiwan.
On-site communication available in English and Mandarin with bilingual fluency, as well as basic Italian.
Global collaboration and projects welcomed. 

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